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Bogs and Outwash - Growing Uneven-Aged Douglas Fir in the Puget Sound Area

Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 09:30 to 15:00

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Come tour the Cranberry Lake Forest Education and Research Center. This 720-acre property is used for education and research of the natural environment. Active timber management helps support these goals. 

Cranberry Lake features uneven-aged Douglas-fir forest on glacial outwash as well as areas of even-aged management, extensive wetlands, and a lake. Come see about the active management on a tour across chronological series of thinnings on this unique property.


Putting the Forest First

From Humboldt County, California, to Aroostook County, Maine, we are the stewards for America’s finest forests.

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From our beginnings over thirty years ago, the Forest Stewards Guild has recognized that maintaining healthy, productive forests is the best investment we can make in promoting the wellbeing of people and forest communities. Our work includes hands-on forest stewardship, education and training, research, policy advocacy, and promoting professional practice – all based on high ethical standards and our unique mission of “putting the forest first.”