New board members

The Forest Stewards Guild's board of directors is a central part of the organization (and a key to our success!). The Board recently elected three new members who we're proud to introduce. The Guild has a board of 13 leaders in the field who are responsible for overseeing the Guild's financial health and vision for the future. They work with Guild staff and the Membership and Policy Council to keep the organization growing while staying true to our mission of putting the forest first.

Seth Cohen is an attorney whose legal career has focused, in part, on environmental protection. He led the State of New Mexico’s successful effort to prevent construction of a proposed 1500-megawatt coal-fired power plant in northwestern New Mexico. He also won a landmark New Mexico Supreme Court case, preventing a controversial land swap of over 14,000 acres of New Mexico State Trust Lands.

Seth has a BA from Amherst College and a JD from Stanford Law School. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and spends as much time as possible in the alpine forests of the Southern Rockies. He is a past board member of Conservation Voters New Mexico. 

Seth told us "I joined the Board of the Forest Stewards Guild to support the Guild's mission of promoting sustainability in forest management, a mission made all the more important as our forests face increasing stresses due to climate change."  



Mary Snieckus currently works with the USDA Forest Service in Washington, DC. She leads the public rule making process to address management of roadless areas on the Tongass National Forest, often referred to as the Alaska Roadless Rule. Prior to this, she served for almost 3 years as deputy chief of staff for the agency. She rejoined the Forest Service in 2014 to lead the Ecosystem Services and Markets program in the State and Private branch of the agency. A Wisconsin native, she holds a BS in Forestry from UW-Madison, and an MS in Forest Policy from the University of New Hampshire. In addition to her public service, Mary worked with non-governmental organization focused on forest and land stewardship: she managed the conservation incentives and markets program with the American Forest Foundation, consulted on forestry issues and natural resource policy with conservation organizations around the country, and was the first Executive Director of the Forest Stewards Guild. Mary also worked with communities and businesses as a rural development specialist with the State and Private Forestry branch of the US Forest Service in New England, and began her forestry career on the Tongass National Forest in Thorne Bay, AK. 

Mary told us, "The Guild's purpose and members remind me why I was drawn to a career in nature resources - they make me happy. I want to help us have a bigger influence so more people find their way to work with us and share that inspiration to respectfully  improve forest conditions so they continue to support healthy ecosystems and people."  


Peter Hayes and his family own and care for working forests in the northern Oregon Coast. Their restoration forestry business, Hyla Woods, experiments with models of forestry and grower-consumer partnership that lead to enriched forests and sustained people. The Hyla Woods forests are in the Nehalem and Tualatin watersheds. Since first settling on the Clatsop Plains in the 1840s, the family has been active in trying to shape a culture that is as wonderful as this landscape. Peter’s recent involvements include serving on the Oregon Board of Forestry and leadership of the Build Local Alliance.