Announcing new Guild positions and activities in Colorado!

The Forest Stewards Guild is hiring five new positions to staff a new office in Loveland, Colorado. This new office will anchor expanded Guild activity in the Intermountain West – a new region! – and house the growing Guild Fire Management program. To read more about our work to restore forests and fire as a natural process see the fall issue of Forest Steward.

The fire positions will serve as mid-level positions for the Guild’s operational fire team, the Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module, and support its continued development. The Intermountain West Regional Coordinator position will work closely with fire management personnel but will support a broader range of activities in the region. The new Business Coordinator will support day-to-day administration both locally and for the entire Guild.

We’re excited about our expanding ability to connect with more Guild members and to respond to one of the biggest forest ecology challenges of our generation, catastrophic wildfires. Check out the position announcements:

Intermountain West Regional Coordinator
Business Coordinator
Prescribed Fire and Fuels Technician-Logistics
Prescribed Fire and Fuels Specialist - Training
Prescribed Fire and Fuels Specialist-Planning