Working Lands Engagement Coordinator

Help shape Oregon’s future!

Founded in 1974 by Governor Tom McCall, 1000 Friends was created as a watchdog organization to protect Oregon’s land use system. Now, 45 years later, we are responsible for the protection of the 61.3 million acres of our state’s spectacular natural areas, rivers, lakes and streams, and our thriving working lands that contain some of the most, productive lands in the world.
The Working Lands Engagement Coordinator will be a liaison between farmers, ranchers, foresters, the FAC, and state and local elected officials. The goals of the FAC include preventing negative impacts to our land use system from harmful legislation or regulations. The role of the FAC and the Coordinator are to increase the awareness of Oregon legislators and other elected officials to the importance of our land use system and the current and future needs of farmers, ranchers, and foresters. It is critical that this position facilitate outreach to legislators, county commissioners, and other local leaders in both rural and urban areas. The Working Lands Engagement Coordinator will also work closely with many of 1000 Friends’ “affiliates” to effectuate these objectives.
Application deadline: Open until filled
Employer: 1000 Friends of Oregon
Location: Remote