Request for reports of two-lined chestnut borer on specific species

From Robert Haack, PhD, Research Entomologist emeritus, USFS

"Greetings from Michigan.  Here is a simple question for you.  Is anyone aware of a report that documents the native twolined chestnut borer (TLCB, Agrilus bilineatus) infesting Chinese (Castanea mollissima), European (C. sativa), or Japanese (C. crenata) chestnut trees (or their crosses) in North America, or any Asian or European oak species (other than English oak, Q. robur)? 

The reason for this question is that the TLCB was recently collected in the field at multiple sites in Turkey, suggesting that it is established there.  EPPO (European Plant Protection Organization) is going to have a Pest Risk Analysis in December 2018 to discuss this insect.

Here is the key reference:
Hızal E & Arslangündoğdu Z (2018) The first record of two-lined chestnut borer Agrilus bilineatus (Weber, 1801) (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) from Europe. Entomological News 127, 333–335.

In eastern North America, we know that TLCB infests American chestnut (C. dentata) and many native oak species.  It has also infested and killed English oak growing in Michigan. 

Given the above, the staff at EPPO wonder if there are any other reports in North America of TLCB infesting Asian or European chestnut or oak species.  I am not aware of any others, but maybe some of you are.  Any ideas?"

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