Forestry Program Officer, American Carbon Registry

The Forestry Program Officer will have (or quickly obtain) a detailed understanding of the California cap-and-trade regulation and the US Forests Compliance Offset Protocol, and will provide support to ensure that projects move through the Registry process efficiently, while ensuring regulatory compliance and technical rigor and quality.


Review and provide substantive feedback on documents for listing, verification and registration of California compliance forest projects, and other project types as needed.
Review and provide substantive feedback on documents for listing, certification and registration under the ACR offset program for forestry and other land based offset project types.
Interact regularly on a technical level with ARB, with other relevant regulatory bodies and with clients to address issues that arise through the project development and verification process.
Develop technical analyses, presentations, outreach materials, and reports to support the work of the Director of Forestry or other senior ACR staff.
Track and understand technical guidance from the Air Resources Board related to the US Forests Compliance Offset Protocol and the Cap and Trade t types as needed.Regulation affecting Registry processes.

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