Managing Forester, Downeast Lakes Land Trust

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) Managing Forester, working with DLLT’s President and the Forest Resources Committee of the Board of Directors, manages the DLLT community forests for conservation, economic, and recreational purposes.  

Duties include:

  • Developing and monitoring compliance with long term and short term plans for management of forest lands and forest resources, including harvest plans with emphasis on wildlife habitat management and restoration.
  • Planning and supervising timber harvests of varying volumes, both for forest products and for wildlife habitat management, including water and soil quality protection and improvement.
  • Planning specific projects for conservation of wildlife habitats and soil and water quality.
  • Planning and directing forest surveys including estimates of standing timber and growth; preparing maps and related reports utilizing geospatial technologies, including ArcGIS.
  • Assisting with the negotiation of the terms and conditions of contracts for timber harvests and land management projects. Marketing timber based on sound, current knowledge of relevant markets and forest product economics including marketing and negotiation of service contracts.
  • And more!

Full position description and application instructions
Application Deadline: November 25, 2018

Employer: Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Location: Grand Lake Stream, Maine