Greetings from the All-Hands All-Lands Burn Team!

In the last few weeks the All-Hands All-Lands Burn (AHAL) Burn Team has gone from a concept to a force on the ground that's completed over 2800 acres of burning across the Rio Grande watershed. Now we're all looking forward to even more accomplishments from the rest of this fall and into the winter and spring!

The first iteration of the AHAL Burn Team brought 25 firefighters together in Taos Ski Valley on a Sunday evening in late September. Early the next morning we began a pile burn on the steep slopes directly above the Taos Ski Valley Village and even though this was a higher risk pile burn than most, the newly formed team worked safely and effectively. Unfortunately, dry conditions prevented us burning all the piles before the team was expected at the Alamosa Prescribed fire on the El Rito District of the Carson National Forest.

Over the course of next three days at the Alamosa Rx the AHAL Team provided essential support to the Forest Service as holding and firing resources, an engine boss, and a holding boss. Together we implemented over 2800 acres of low intensity fire, and as this mobilization came to end our team had not only successfully put good fire on the ground but we had put drip torches in the hands of young firefighters for the first time and provided quality leadership training experiences to several others.

Then just last week we mobilized another iteration of the team and spent the day finishing out the pile burn in the Taos Ski Valley and with a little snow on the ground we were able to move quickly through the rest of the piles.
With the current damp weather preventing our next mobilization the team is taking a week to regroup and hopefully with some drying trends we'll be back in the field getting even more good fire on the ground soon!

If you'd like the chance to join us we are still looking for more burn team members for the rest of the fall and into 2019.

Please visit:, complete and submit the "Join the Burn Team interest form," and we'll be in touch with you.

Note: NWCG qualifications and Red Cards are required. Some S130/190 and/or RT130 opportunities will be available. Contact Dave Lasky for more information, 303.588.3440).