Guild awards and connections during SAF Portland

The 2018 Society of American Foresters National Convention brought together foresters from across the U.S. and Canada, including numerous members of the Forest Stewards Guild who were woven into the program as speakers, facilitators, poster presenters, organizers, and field trip and workshop hosts. There are too many to list here, and a glance at the convention program ( will give you a taste of the variety of topics and sessions that were part of the action-packed agenda.

The Forest Stewards Guild social gathering at a local brewed beverage establishment illuminated the cross-section between the Guild and SAF. This gathering included participants in the Women Owning Woodlands SAF session, as well as friends of Guild members who were tugged there by the arm and seemed glad they came. Attendees included long-time foresters in the Pacific West as well as the founders of the Guild's student chapter at Michigan Tech. One couldn't take more than a few steps before getting sucked into a conversation about urban forestry, support for students, the challenges facing women in forestry and woodland ownership, recent fire activity in Oregon, bird-friendly silviculture, and any number of other topics. This Guild Gathering sparked many connections between forest stewards, including a plug for the upcoming Bogs and Outwash field trip taking place later this month at Washington's Cranberry Lake (register now!).

This year, two Guild members were among those honored with the SAF Presidential Field Forester Award. Christina Harrigan of Gracie & Harrigan Consulting Foresters in New Jersey received the award for District 7, and Geoff Jones of Loveland Forestry in New Hampshire received the award for District 6. Both Chrissy and Geoff were deeply honored by this award and by the opportunity to be recognized in front of their peers at the national SAF convention. Rest assured that Chrissy, Geoff, and their traveling companions also took the opportunity to get out in the magnificent Oregon and Washington woods and enjoy quality time with epic trees and perhaps search for the mythical Yeti.

The SAF National Convention provided a great opportunity for Guild members and friends to rekindle the "spark" of forest stewardship in the Pacific Northwest and help "keep Oregon weird." For those that weren't able to make it, we look forward to seeing you at a future Guild Gathering in your neck of the woods!