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Your MPC is enthusiastic and busy this year! Enjoy this snapshot of current events and please stay in touch. We want to hear from members and bring your ideas into our discussions. We will regularly provide updates as our work progresses.
May 2019 MPC Update
By Nancy Patch
The Membership and Policy Council (MPC), is seeking input from members. For the last year or so, the MPC has been working on a toolkit to share with Colleges and Universities to promote the Forest Stewards Guild at the student level. The MPC is now ready to launch this project and has identified a few potential partners in different regions across the country. This will be a beta test, but we want to build as time allows. If you are interested in engaging with students in the natural resources professions or can suggest a school of interest, please contact a member of the MPC or your regional director and give us the information. Thank YOU!