New, from your Membership and Policy Council

Your MPC is enthusiastic and busy this year! Enjoy this snapshot of current events and please stay in touch. We want to hear from members and bring your ideas into our discussions. We will regularly provide updates as our work progresses.
October 2018
Summary of active projects
By Nancy Patch
The Membership and Policy Council is busy getting our 2018 goals finalized as we move towards year end. We would like to give you a head's up on what to look for in the coming weeks.

First, council elections are coming up and we have an incredible slate of candidates this year. There are three slots open for election, and we hope to have the elections ready for voting in early November with a closing in early December. The MPC took a good look at council diversity including location, gender, and affiliation. Nominees will highlight the individual qualities they can bring to the group in their bios and statements for elections.

Next, the MPC subcommittee on student engagement has been working on a toolkit that we can share with students and professors around the country to help form Forest Stewards Guild student chapters or expand existing chapters to include the benefits of FSG. We plan to have this prepared in digital form for ease of sharing.

Last, but certainly not least, near the end of the year or in early 2019 we will be sending out for vote a revision to a 1999 policy statement on Silviculture in Natural Forests. This work elucidates the ongoing evolution of the Guild and draws on the rich history of our past as we add new knowledge we have gained. A humbling experience.