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September 2018
Supporting and Engaging Guild Student Chapters
By Shane Hetzler
One of this year’s key initiatives of the Membership and Policy Council is to better define how to further engage college students whose interests overlap with the Guild. The goals include offering opportunities for students to become familiar with Guild-style forest management principles while simultaneously adding depth and breadth to current Guild membership.
A subcommittee was developed to expand on this topic, and we found through discussions with students and current professional members in academia that there is real potential for more Guild student chapters (currently, there are only a few).
One of the barriers identified by students and faculty alike was how to actually start a chapter at their school. To assist in this endeavor, a toolkit is being developed by the MPC in coordination with the Guild’s communications Coordinator, which will include the following:
  • Forest Stewards Guild Mission and Principles Statement
  • A brief history of the Guild
  • A sample student chapter constitution
  • Sample student chapter by-laws
  • Suggestions for how to run a successful meeting
  • Recruitment tips
  • Additional resources (where to get additional publications/materials) 
When this toolkit is finalized, our goal is to reach out to Guild members working with students to see if there is potential for a chapter at their local university or community college. 
Having the right mix of a dedicated faculty or staff member, a core group of self-motivated students, and a supportive school administration are all shaping up to be the key elements needed to get a chapter up and running. We see great potential moving forward- not only in the ability for current Guild members to engage more closely with the next generation of resource managers, but to connect those future resource managers to mentors in the Guild, and with their own peers across the country. 
Stay tuned, and if you are a professional member of the Guild and this type of project is up your alley, consider nominating yourself to the Membership and Policy Council by Oct 5, 2018! Just email your name to