New, from your Membership and Policy Council

Your MPC is enthusiastic and busy this year! Enjoy this snapshot of current events and please stay in touch. We want to hear from members and bring your ideas into our discussions. We will regularly provide updates as our work progresses.
January 2019 MPC Update
By Robert Turner, incoming Chair
The MPC elections this past December were special for a few reasons. First, we enlisted an impressive slate of 11 candidates, spanning gender, geography, experience and affiliation. It is both humbling and inspiring to have witnessed the level of enthusiasm for the Guild from these candidates. We also experienced a record number of votes cast (151), representing just over 50% of eligible professional members.
The MPC welcomes Amy LaBarge (WA) as its newest member and welcomes back existing members Alex Barret and Bruce White. Robert Turner takes over as MPC chair, with Shane Hetzler as vice-chair for 2019. Thanks to all the candidates and to all those that voted!
We have our 2019 work cut out for us. A Natural Forest Management policy statement is in its final draft. We expect it to be released for a membership vote in the first quarter. We’re anticipating work to begin on a companion statement—Plantation Forestry.
Last year, we tailored our Communication Coordinator’s “tool kit” for schools interested in starting an FSG student chapter. This year, we’ll be testing it and then deploying it to institutions who have expressed willingness to start a chapter. Let us know if you’d like to give our tool kit a try!
Policy statements and membership outreach are essential MPC activities, but we’ll also also promoting more local and regional events among the core professional membership. We have lots of ideas about how to increase the personal connections that make this organization both vital and fun! Share any thoughts you have for topics you think may be of interest to other members in your region. We can help make Guild Gatherings happen!