Hunt Forest Walk by Guild members

Hunt Forest Walk, written by Alex Barrett

In late December 2017, MPC member Bruce White found himself in snowy Vermont. As foresters on vacation are sometimes known to do, Bruce wanted to check out the local silviculture. MPC members took the opportunity to have an impromptu woods-walk to give Bruce a taste of New England silviculture, terrain, and weather. This is just one example of how Guild members come together and help others explore and connect to quality forests, all around the country.

For a location, we chose the Hunt Forest in Reading, VT- a Guild Model Forest and the site of spectacular trees and decades of thoughtful forest management. MPC Member Alex Barrett and his company, Long View Forest, are the managers on the ground there. MPC members Robert Turner and John Gunn joined the walk to make a merry crew of four- we had a wide-ranging conversation punctuated with spirited debates-particularly around white pine silviculture, sugarbush management, forest carbon, woods roads, young forest tending, and the long-term economics of Guild-style forest management in New England. Gunn mentioned that a highlight of the tour for him was the very large diameter eastern white pine trees. They are the result of careful tending over the years. One measured 35” DBH on this day.

We also took the opportunity to review the MPC’s work and progress in 2017 and informally think about 2018- the setting was perfect, the weather behaved, the huge pines didn’t disappoint, and Bruce managed to out-tough the hearty New Englanders by surviving all day in his southern forestry field gear.