What Is Retirement? Thoughts from Peter Bundy.

Our long-time member, Peter Bundy, shares some of his thoughts as he embarks on a very new kind of year. Peter retired this year from Masconomo Forestry and the Forest Stewards Guild holds a special place in the history of his career. 

"For starters, my retirement is a withdrawal from active service to clients. No longer shall I walk in varied woodlands accompanied by a landowner, an orange vest and a tatum. My fingers will not risk frostbite on a January morning nor my pants endure the spray of permethrin during tick season.

And there are more layers to this time of transition. My conversations with managers and owners will thin. My phone will ring less often. My truck will travel fewer miles. Regular paychecks will disappear.

There is natural sadness to these losses. Sadness as I miss the ‘rat-a tat-tat’ of the pileated woopeckers in winter.  Sadness and longing for the quiet of untrammeled places. Resignation as I close the books on trusted clients.  And yet…

And yet, I’d like to propose a toast to all of you… my Forest Stewards Guild colleagues who have made this long journey more rewarding. Twenty years ago the Guild was young, and I made an early call to join your small chorus. Stepping away from traditional approaches to forest management was risky, and sometimes cost me clients and criticism. But the Guild provided an umbrella for this change. A dwelling where I knew that I was welcome. And I thank you for that support.

Today the Guild is well established and strong. It is filled with the energy of youth and the vibrancy of its mission. This is a blessing in uncertain times. May you continue to grow in your commitment to healthy resource management; management with an eye for the future." 

- Peter