Membership and Policy Council in 2018

As of January 1, 2018, we have three MPC members starting new, three-year terms. Elected to the MPC by Guild Professional Members on December 20, 2017, please welcome Mark Jacobs from Minnesota, Eben Sypitkowski from Maine, and returning member John Gunn, also from Maine. Thank you to Michael Leff, who also ran for an MPC seat this year, and to outgoing MPC members Leila Pinchot and Jon Fosgitt  for their service. Finally, we thank the 50% of Professional Members who exercised their right to elect MPC representatives and vote on our new Forest Conservation and Connectivity Policy Statement, which 94% of voters passed. The MPC hasn't wasted any time in 2018. 

The MPC’s first meeting of the year resulted in the formation of subcommittees to work on membership development, outreach to members, the Model Forests project and the Women Owning Woodlands program. The MPC is also taking on an assessment of all current policy and position statements. They will explore whether improvements and clarity are needed to make these tools more effective in articulating and supporting responsible forestry. The MPC welcomes your ideas on future policy statements.

With the help of our Communications Coordinator, you will hear from the MPC more often, including reminders of your opportunity to engage with this Council who represents you, if you are a Guild Professional Member. Look for these "MPC connections" in future issues of Across The Landscape.

Here you'll be able to learn about current efforts of the MPC, but also what is on the minds of MPC members for future goals, current issues, predicted concerns, or to celebrate and leverage success. Membership engagement and satisfaction are a couple of items on the top of the minds of your MPC right now, among so much more. Stay tuned….!