Southeast Region Meeting and Collins Pine, California Guild Gathering successes!

Southest Region Meeting in the Piedmont

This gathering, held in the Piedmont of North Carolina near Durham, included tours of:

In the southern Piedmont, even-aged loblolly pine management remains the dominant form of silviculture implemented by foresters, landowners, and natural resource professionals. While loblolly pine management is an integral part of regional economies and provides many other ecosystem services, there are opportunities on appropriate sites in the region to manage hardwood for species diversity, structural complexity, and resilience.

25 attendees gathered to discuss the complexities of managing for hardwood forests. From a happy-hour social to  indoor sessions and field tours, the meeting was a great way to bring people together around the theme of how ecological forestry in this part of the world looks. It provide members and non-members alike an opportunity to think outside the box of conventional even-aged loblolly management.


Collins Pine, California Guild Gathering

This gathering included visits to the Collins Almanor Forest, W.M. Beaty & Associates managed forests, and Lassen National Forest Service lands. A worthy cap to our year of Guild Gatherings, this event brought professional forest managers from the Sierras and Coast Range, students and professors from UC Berkeley and University of Nevada Reno, and representatives from CAL FIRE and the California Resource Agency together to discuss a wide-range of topics related to multi-age forest management. 

Highlights included discussions of:

  • Biomass thinning as a pre-commercial thinning tool,
  • The California Forest Practices Act stocking limitations on practicing multi-age management,
  • The use of Stand Density Index to determine basal area retention,
  • The wakeup call from drought mortality about changes in species composition, and
  • Increased stocking of small trees due to fire suppression since the early 1900’s.
  • Oh yeah, and the food, and the beer!

Participants definately left inspired by new perspectives and ready to learn even more.