Growing Means Changing

On October 1, 2017, Forest Stewards Guild Executive Director Fred Clark will pass the torch to Zander Evans, current Director of Research and Programs at the Guild. Before we turn to the future, we wanted to pause and reflect on the growth and change of this organization under Fred’s leadership.

From his first day on the job, Fred brought vision and renewed energy to the Guild. He connected with Guild members at gatherings across the country such as the recent meeting in Portland, Oregon. He provided the driving force behind a very successful national meeting in Duluth, Minnesota. He took on tough challenges such as clarifying our First Duty Principle while remaining true to the roots of the Forest Stewards Guild. Fred embraced every challenge with his trademark positive energy, and he was always happy to pick up the phone and talk with fellow Guild members.

Fred fortified the organization’s financial footing while supporting the growth of our programs. He opened a new Guild office in Madison, Wisconsin in the heart of Aldo Leopold country, which emphasizes the Guild’s commitment to being a national organization firmly rooted in the land ethic. Fred spearheaded the Guild's new publication, The Forest Steward, as part of his commitment to telling the story of the work of Guild members. Fred has honed our staff team to a cohesive unit across multiple regional offices. In his nearly three years as Executive Director, Fred has succeeded in creating and launching a vision of growth for the Guild while remaining an inspiring leader and embodiment of the Forest Stewards Guild’s Mission and Principles.

Fortunately, Fred won’t be leaving us entirely. He will remain on in a Senior Forester role for special projects out of the Madison office. In the meantime, Zander is ready to build on Fred’s work in growing the Guild. Please join the Forest Stewards Guild Board of Directors and staff in thanking Fred Clark for his service to the Guild.