Director, Allegheny Highlands Program, TNC

The Director of the Allegheny Highlands Program is responsible for government and community relations, land protection and management, education and outreach, and science and research in a six-county region of Virginia, including stewardship of the 9,000-acre Warm Springs Mountain Preserve.  S/he provides leadership and support for the program’s conservation planning and establishes overall conservation priorities in the AH program area.  The Director coordinates that work with major state, federal and private partners while also serving as the coordinator for the Conservancy’s Central Appalachian Program’s efforts to collaborate with public land managers across the region.  Located in western Virginia, the Allegheny Highlands boasts some of the finest intact temperate broadleaf forests in the world, along with intricate cave and karst systems that recharge pristine rivers and harbor endemic species. The region’s forests help protect the headwaters of the James and Potomac rivers, which supply drinking water to the people of Northern Virginia, D.C. and Richmond before ultimately feeding into the Chesapeake Bay.  Embedded within millions of acres of national forest and other public lands, teaming with native trout streams, and traversed by miles of trails - the area is an outdoor recreation paradise.