Reflections on a Forest Stewards Guild Internship

Forest Stewards Guild Internship in Houghton County, Michigan

by Russell Lipe

My name is Russell Lipe and I am a student from the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science at Michigan Technological University. In May, I began an internship with the Forest Stewards Guild under the supervision of Green Timber Consulting Foresters. With their help, I began work on creating a Forest Stewardship Plan for several Guild-owned properties in Houghton County, Michigan totaling 400 acres. Using skills I learned in school, I collected inventory data and delineated stands in each of the seven parcels. The work has really helped me become more comfortable using those techniques in a professional setting. It’s also been really helpful to get experience writing a real management plan. In school, we do get some practice creating plans, but it was definitely a different experience. I was doing most of the writing and data collection myself, and working with a larger area of land then I had before. It was really cool to have that level of independence on the project, and also be able to get feedback from the landowners and other professionals of the field. This internship has provided me with so much experience so far and getting to go through the entire plan creation process has been very valuable. Hopefully, my work can serve as a good example for other students at Michigan Tech to learn from.