Hyla Woods Field Tour near Gaston, OR

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 09:00 to 19:00

Register today for a Guild Gathering in the Pacific Northwest at Hyla Woods on Saturday, July 29. The Hayes family, Jerry Franklin, Norm Johnson, Mark Miller, and staff of the Forest Stewards Guild invite you to join Guild members and others from around the region for a field tour at Hyla Wood's Mt. Richmond Forest near Gaston, OR.

We will enjoy a daylong gathering outdoors with time for thoughtful discussion on how we'll build a stronger chapter of the Forest Stewards Guild in our region. Afterwards we'll come down from Mt. Richmond and continue the conversation at a nearby pub where we'll celebrate the publication of Jerry Franklin and Norm Johnson's long awaited new book, and discuss current forest issues and opportunities. We encourage you to attend and to invite anyone who shares your vision for forests and their future.  
Registration: $25, includes lunch and evening appetizers.  Please mark your calendars and register today!   

If you know Hyla Woods, this will be a chance to reconnect with a special place. For those for whom this will be a first visit, there will be much to see and learn. For all of us, the forest on this day will be the space where we hold a thoughtful conversation about larger issues that affect all of us.    
A wide diversity of people throughout our region are engaged in work that aims to improve the health and productivity of forests for all their values. Some of us are primarily practitioners while others are researchers. Some are professionally schooled while others are educated through experience. Some work with vast forests while other focus on the micro scale. Whether we call it regenerative forestry, ecological forestry, or just plain better forestry, we know that we share common goals, wrestle with common questions, and face common challenges.  
A limiting factor in helping our region reach its potential for excellent forestry is the unmet need for an organization that draws together and effectively connects people committed to advancing excellent forestry.  While we each might seek and gain different things from our involvement, five functions seem important:

Connection - Knowing who is out there, what they are doing, learning and seeking.  
Education - Continuing to ask and explore questions and learn from one another.
Inspiration - We have potential to be inspired by the work of others.
Cooperation - Achieving our goals is easier through mutually beneficial cooperation.
Expansion - We need to welcome and encourage those entering this important work.
Through our day in this unique forest, we hope to explore ways the Guild and all of us can contribute to a forestry community that shares these characteristics.  We hope that you will join our conversation.   
Registration: $25, includes lunch and evening appetizers. Register here!

For more information, please contact Deb Saeger (deb@forestguild.org) or 608 333-0551).