Northeast Silviculture Institute for Foresters - Overview Workshop - May 23-24, 2017

Northeast Silviculture Institute for Foresters 

Overview Workshop 

May 23-24, 2017 in Vermont

Application deadline April 10, 2017 for private foresters

The Northeast Silviculture Institute for Foresters (Institute), a series of training workshops in graduate level silviculture in 2017 and 2018, begins with its first 2-day workshop in Craftsbury, Vermont on May 23-24, 2017.  

The first workshop is the Overview session that will cover topics related to silviculture in the whole northeast U.S.  Four other 2-day workshops targeting specific forest types will be held later in 2017 and will be announced shortly.

There are only 50 seats available at each session. Publicly employed foresters interested in attending the session should contact their supervisor for more information about how to apply.  Private sector foresters will need to apply directly to the Institute to attend the Overview session, given the limited seating.  Interested private sector foresters should go to  and complete the application found there and send it in no later than April 10, 2017 to be considered.  A selection committee will score and rank the applications to determine who will attend the first session.   

There will be pre-reading assignments for those who attend and an evening assignment on May 23 at the workshop site.

A similar process will occur for the other sessions to be held in 2017.  Foresters who are not selected to attend in 2017 can re-apply when the workshops are offered again in 2018.  Later in 2017, foresters will also have the opportunity to access all the workshop materials via an online portal. 

The Overview workshop will be held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center on May 23-24, 2017.  A $50 registration fee will cover most food, classroom material and field trips.  Lodging is extra. The session will include classroom and field training that includes:

Topic 1. Fisheries-Pete Emerson-2 hours inside lecture and 0.5 hour in the field

Topic 2 Hydrology-Paul Barten-1.5 hours inside lecture and 0.5 in the field

Topic 3. Markets & Utilization-Steve Bick-2 hour inside lecture and 0.5 in the field

Topic 4. Fire Ecology-Bill Patterson-2 hours inside lecture

Topic 5. Climate adaptation & mitigation change considerations-John Gunn-1 hr inside lecture

Topic 6. Technical writing including prescriptions-Mike Maguire-1 hour inside lecture

Topic 7. Presentations Skills-Amanda Mahaffey-1 hour inside lecture

Topic 8. Non-native invasive species-Dana Hazen-1 hour inside lecture

Topic 9. Pesticide use including non-native invasive species, et al-Dana Hazen-1 hr inside lecture

Topic 10. Sale layout and design including logging aesthetics-Roger Boyer-1 hour field trip

Topic 11. Monitoring & assessment-Ken Desmarais-1 hour inside lecture and 0.5 in the field

Topic 12. Landscape issues & considerations: fisheries, hydrology, climate, non-native species.


The other Institute workshops to be delivered later in 2017 will cover:

  • Spruce - Fir Forest Type (2 days) June
  • Mixed Oak Hickory Forest Type (2 days) August
  • Pine, Oak and Hemlock Forest Type (2 days) September   
  • Northern Hardwood Forest Type (2 days) October

For more information, please contact Charles Levesque at 603-588-3272 or


The Institute workshops are designed to provide northeast U.S. foresters with the appropriate knowledge to make sound, science-based decisions for forest ecosystem management, harvests and regeneration. This project is designed so it can be used in the USDA Forest Service's National Advanced Silviculture Program (NASP) to provide landscape-specific materials for northeast forests. The Institute offers a graduate program level of instruction for practicing foresters.