Guild Completes Study on Forest Harvest Restrictions

On March 29th, the Forest Stewards Guild presented our final report to the Wisconsin Council on Forestry for our research report Economic and Ecological Effects of Forest Practices and Harvesting Constraints on Wisconsin’s Forest Resources and Economy. The report was a component of the Wisconsin Forest Practices Study.

The Forest Stewards Guild was selected by the National Council on Air and Stream Improvement as a research contractor as part of a multi-year study designed to analyze economic and ecological effects of forest practices and harvesting restrictions on Wisconsin's forest resources and economy. Field work and analysis was conducted throughout 2015.

The Forest Practices Study assessed the costs and benefits of many of the best practices routinely used in forestry to protect rare species, prevent invasive species, and protect forest productivity. The project was led by the Guild's Director of Science and Programs Dr. Zander Evans, in partnership with the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and with Dr. Kim Chapman and his colleagues at Applied Ecological Services of Brodhead, Wisconsin. 

We thank our many members, and numerous colleagues in the region who allowed us draw on their knowledge, experience, and data to provide an informative science-based assessment of the costs and benefits of forestry best practices and how they are applied in practice.

Read the full report here