New Membership and Policy Council Members

The Membership and Policy Council (MPC) votes are in and Guild members have elected three new members to the MPC. Stuart Hale (NC), Beth Jacqmain - Palik (MN), and Bruce White (NC) have secured the most votes to win election to the MPC. The 4th and 5th place vote-getters, Marcos Roybal (AZ), and John Lovseth (IL), also received a significant number of votes and we thank them especially for being willing to serve.
With the election of Bruce, Stuart, and Beth we have elected three long-time members with great experience to the MPC. Our thanks to all the members of the MPC who have contributed to our work this year, especially those members whose terms are ending and who are stepping down. Please join me in thanking long-time members Amber Ellering (past chair), Rob Bryan (chair), and Dan Stepanauskas who have all contributed hugely to our work over the last 6 years. Thank you!