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Below are stories have have been (or will be) featured in the Forest Stewards Guild's e-newsletter Across the Landscape.

New board members

The Forest Stewards Guild's board of directors is a central part of the organization (and a key to our success!). The Board recently elected three new members who we're proud to introduce. The Guild has a board of 13 leaders in the field who are responsible for overseeing the Guild's financial health and vision for the future. They work with Guild staff and the Membership and Policy Council to keep the organization growing while staying true to our mission of putting the forest first.

Prescribed Fire and Family Forest Landowners in the Cumberland Plateau (TN/KY)

Written by Nick Biemiller 

This spring, the Guild hosted two learn-and-burn events with our partners at Berea College, University of the South, and the Tennessee Wildlife Federation to increase capacity for prescribed burning on the Cumberland Plateau. The events took place at the University of the South’s Forest in Sewanee, TN and the Berea College Forest in Berea, KY. The events welcomed family forest landowners and resource professionals to learn about prescribed fire and gain practical experience participating in a live demonstration burn.

Connecting Ecological and Human Health

Written by Zander Evans

The Healthier Rural West summit provided an opportunity to connect our efforts to support healthy ecosystems with innovators making our human communities healthier. On March 20th, Nick Goulette from the Watershed Research and Training Center, Jennifer Hansen, Utah’s Wildfire Risk Reduction Coordinator, and Zander Evans from the Forest Stewards Guild presented aspects of fire adaptation to an audience of healthcare professionals and advocates.

Building the Next Generation of Fire Practitioners

How the Forest Stewards Guild is Building the Next Generation of Fire Practitioners: The Forest Stewards Youth Corps Fire and Fuels Program
Written by Matt Piccarello

As the igniters lined out at the top of the ridge, I could see a mix of apprehension and excitement in their eyes. Forest Stewards Youth Corps (FSYC) Fire and Fuels crew members spent the last five weeks training for this moment. They had cleared fence line and prepped burn units, but it wasn’t until they had drip torches in their hands and a hotshot barking orders at them that they realized … this was for real. 

Welcome Gabe and Rhiley to the Southwest Guild office

The Forest Stewards Guild has hired two new program assistants in the Southwest. 

Gabe Kohler was Born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in the high desert on the dry side of the Pacific Northwest.

Rhiley Allbee is currently finishing her master's program in forest ecology and management at Michigan Technological University.

Hempstead County Hunting Club

Written by Fred Clark 
Guild members work in some of the finest forests in America. This year, Guild members added one more exceptional forest to our portfolio. It is one of the highest quality cypress swamps in Arkansas. Grassy Lake is the centerpiece of the wildlife-rich, 19,000-acre Little River Bottoms Important Bird Area, one of the largest contiguous tracts of fish and wildlife habitat on the Gulf coastal plain. Beginning in 2017, Guild Senior Forester Fred Clark, Arkansas guild member and forester Jeff Denman, and Arkansas Wildlife Biologist Jody Pagans led a team in developing a Land and Water Stewardship Plan for the property.  

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition in Santa Fe

At the end of January, the Forest Stewards Guild helped host the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) national meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Guild has long been a member of RVCC because it gives us a stronger

 voice in national policy and connects us with innovative organizations who share our vision for vibrant human and ecological communities.


Clint Trammel and the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame

A personal reflection, written by Al Sample, Chair of the Forest Stewards Guild board of directors.

The Missouri Conservation Commission recently voted to induct Clint Trammel, a member of the Forest Stewards Guild founding board, into the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on April 25 at Clint’s beloved Pioneer Forest in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. 


Pro Silva and Guild connections

Pro Silva Europe is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this September in Slovenia. It is an organization which promotes close to nature forestry and continuous-cover forest systems. Established in 1989 in Slovenia, today ProSilva has 22 full members and several other countries with associate membership, which is testament to the broad reach and interest of the organization’s principles. The Forest Stewards Guild has joined as an associated member strongly aligned with ProSilva’s vision.

New England Forest Climate Adaptation Listening Sessions

The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) and Forest Stewards Guild have teamed up to conduct a needs assessment for New England and New York, to gain input on key areas of uncertainty and questions regarding climate change so we can help promote science to address managers' needs. The partners held a series of forest adaptation listening sessions and forest managers and scientists have also been providing input through an online questionnaire. Plans are progressing for more listening sessions in New York State in early 2019. 

This article offers an interim update on what NIACS and the Guild have been learning. 


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