Guild Gatherings

Guild Gatherings are opportunities across the country to network and learn from professional members and partners closer to home. What site, partner, or forest steward exemplifies great work that you’d like to see showcased?

Our gatherings in 2017 were a hit! We look forward to more of these events and appreciate your enthusiasm and support! Please let us know your ideas for topics and locations of future Guild Gatherings. Help us gather and learn together. Contact Colleen at or 608-333-0554 today and then watch here for additional details and registration opportunities as they become available. 

Thank you to early event sponsors Applied Ecological Services, Inc, Steigerwaldt, and USDA NIFA for their financial assistance with the 2017 Kemp Station event in Wisconsin. Join these organizations in funding other Guild Gatherings!

Guild events during the SAF conference

Networking Reception 
Friday, November 17, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Duel Brewing, 606 Central Avenue SW, Albuquerque
, New Mexico...and more!

The Guild will be at the national SAF conference in Albuquerque next week! There are many ways to gather with the Guild during the event. Many guild members are speaking at the conference, the Guild will have a booth and poster in the exhibit hall, and we invite attendees to join our Friday evening Guild networking reception. Please join us for all the activity!

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