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Below are stories have have been (or will be) featured in the Forest Stewards Guild's e-newsletter Across the Landscape.

Forest management a struggle in New Jersey

Forest management a struggle in New Jersey

by Mim Dunne

The Guild’s Matt Piccarello gains wildfire experience in Utah

The Guild’s Matt Piccarello gains wildfire experience in Utah

Guild welcomes Program Assistant in Southwest Region Office

Across the Landscape : Interview with Esmé Cadiente

What inspired you to pursue a career in natural resources? If it was an individual, how did he or she inspire you?

Women and Our Woods at Hidden Valley Nature Center

Women and Our Woods at Hidden Valley Nature Center

Hemingway Would be Proud - Two Guild Model Forests in Michigan

The Forest Stewards Guild has recently added two Upper Peninsula forests to its Model Forest Program. The Model Forest Program recognizes places, people, and relationships that foster sustainable forest management and demonstrate successful silviculture.

In Houghton, Michigan Technological University’s Ford Forest, managed by long-time Guild member Jim Schmierer, was designated in November 2016. 

The Guild Helps Communities Get Ready for Wildfire

In August, the Forest Stewards Guild is completing updates for two Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) in New Mexico. Since 2003, thousands of communities have developed and implemented CWPPs to collaboratively identify and prioritize fuel reduction treatments and reduce the threat of home ignition. Each CWPP can be very different because of local decisions about scale, approach, areas of emphasis, and depth. Some CWPPs provide communities with practical, well-thought out plans for making communities safer.

A Forested Classroom in the Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin

On the weekend of June 11th and 12th a group of University of Wisconsin – Madison forestry and wildlife ecology students joined experienced Guild foresters and ecologists for a hike to explore sustainable land management practices on-the-ground in one of Wisconsin’s premier natural areas – the Baraboo Hills. 

Restoration-Conservation-Collaboration: Forest Stewards Guild 2016 National Meeting in Duluth, Minnesota

Nothing so important as an ethic is ever 'written'… It evolves in the minds of a thinking community.”

- Aldo Leopold, The Land Ethic (1949), ASCA 225

Restoration. Conservation. Collaboration. The 2016 national meeting of the Forest Stewards Guild and friends at The Nature Conservancy and Society of American Foresters drew over a hundred and thirty natural resource managers, researchers, and students together for a singular event designed to empower practitioners with restoration tools rooted in forest science, conservation, and collaboration. The three-day program created an exceptional space to learn and, to Leopold’s philosophy, to evolve the land ethic in the minds of a thinking community.

Rock Climbing with the El Rito YCC Crew

The conglomerate cliff-face loomed fifty above, and the members of the El Rito Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) crew looked uncertainly towards the top. The ropes had been set up, and everyone had a harness, helmet, and climbing shoes, yet nobody wanted to be the first one to go. Eventually, one person volunteered to start things off, and before long each member of the crew had tried their hand at climbing the crag. None of them had ever been climbing before.

Fire in Oak: Regional Differences, Local Applicability

The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange (NAFSE), in which the Forest Stewards Guild is a partner, held a two-day workshop on Fire in Oak: Regional Differences, Local Applicability. Hosted by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MA DFW), the workshop featured a full-day field trip to fire-influenced oak sites in the vicinity of Westborough, Massachusetts, as well as an outstanding indoor program featuring speakers with fire and oak experience in New England and beyond. Participants came from federal, state, and local agencies as well as universities, conservation organizations, and consulting businesses, all with an interest in fire, oak, or both.


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