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Below are stories have have been (or will be) featured in the Forest Stewards Guild's e-newsletter Across the Landscape.

Welcome to Our New Communications Director

Interview with Colleen Robinson


What inspired you to pursue a career in natural resources? If it was an individual, how did he or she inspire you?

Growing Means Changing

On October 1, 2017, Forest Stewards Guild Executive Director Fred Clark will pass the torch to Zander Evans, current Director of Research and Programs at the Guild. Before we turn to the future, we wanted to pause and reflect on the growth and change of this organization under Fred’s leadership.

Guild members gather in Northwest and Lake States

The University of Wisconsin’s Kemp Natural Resources Station sits in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northern Highlands landscape and adjoining the 232,000 acre Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest.  Our Lake States Guild Gathering at “Kemp” on July 21st and 22nd brought foresters and ecologists from throughout the region together to assess 100 years of successes and challenges in managing the pine forests, wetlands, lakes, and ecosystems along with the human communities that dominate this land

Living with Fire: Fire Adapted Community Preparedness in Northern Minnesota

In July, the Forest Stewards Guild worked with Dovetail Partners, Minnesota DNR, USDA Forest Service, and others to host an outreach effort for seasonal and permanent residents and visitors to the Ely, Minnesota area. Ely lies in the heart of northern Minnesota’s fire-dependent forest ecosystem and is on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The area around Ely has seen a number of significant forest fires in the last several years, including one that entered the city limits.

Staff Changes in Southwest Office

The Forest Stewards Guild’s Southwest Program, based in Santa Fe New Mexico, is growing! Due to our collaborative efforts with our partners in the region, the Guild is excited to announce promotions for Matt Piccarello and Esme Cadiente and the addition of Leonora Pepper and Sam Berry to the team.   

Read the press release here!

Help us bring a Guild Gathering to a forest near you

2017 Forest Stewards Guild Gatherings are wrapping up. What a successful year! New Hamshire, Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon, North Carolina, New Mexico, and California forests all hosted gatherings. Watch for more details summarizing these events soon. What's next? 

Reflections on a Forest Stewards Guild Internship

Forest Stewards Guild Internship in Houghton County, Michigan

by Russell Lipe

Landscape Stewardship Planning in Minnesota

The Forest Stewards Guild recently completed a project with The Nature Conservancy to develop Landscape Stewardship Plans for two southeastern Minnesota watersheds. These plans provide a vision and framework that allows landowners, resource managers, local officials, and other stakeholders to work together to voluntarily implement landscape stewardship practices that sustain the region’s water quality, natural areas, and biodiversity.

Meet Our Interns

The Forest Stewards Guild is excited to welcome three stellar interns to our Lake States and Southwest offices.  Dunbar Carpenter, Leonora Pepper, and Russell Lipe are growing their careers in forest stewardship through the Guild.  

Dunbar Carpenter, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prescribed Fire Learning Exchange - Chama TREX

by Esmé Cadiente

Recently I was in Chama, New Mexico on a prescribed fire learning exchange with forty other firefighters from around the world. Prescribed fire training exchanges (TREX) provide training and learning opportunities for wildland fire professionals while meeting resource objectives on a landscape. This novel program brings qualified firefighter trainees together with highly experienced firefighter trainers on a live prescribed fire. The result is that forests are made healthier and more qualified wildland firefighter capacity is created.


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