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Below are stories have have been (or will be) featured in the Forest Stewards Guild's e-newsletter Across the Landscape.

Putting Good Fire on the Ground in Northern New Mexico

A collaborative prescribed burn brings together wildland firefighters in building ecosystem resilience. The TREX model, developed by The Nature Conservancy’s Fire Learning Network, brings wildland firefighters of all levels together with the joint objectives of putting “good” fire on the ground, creating opportunities for education and outreach to communities at risk of wildfire, and providing a training space for wildland firefighters to build their fire and leadership qualifications.

The Great Acadia Fire 70 Years Later

On October 17, 1947, a fire started in Bar Harbor, Maine, that spread through the town and Acadia National Park. Meanwhile, wildfires sprang up across the drought-stricken Northeast, posing unprecedented challenges. Newspaper headlines blazed, winds shifted, and forests and towns burned while communities grappled with understanding and trying to control the wildfires. By the time the ash settled, the people affected knew that they must prepare in new ways for the next big one.

Looking forward

Stepping into the Executive Director position for the Forest Stewards Guild is a great honor. The Guild’s vision for socially, ecologically, and economically responsible forestry is laudable, and a necessary goal for our society to be sustainable. Even more importantly, the Guild’s members, supporters, and staff put this vision into practice in forests across the country, in multiple ways.

Forest biomass from Austria to Atlanta

Wood Based Construction Seminar details

On Wednesday, September 20, the Forest Stewards Guild, with support from the Carolyn Foundation, partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dovetail Partners, and the Wood Products Council to deliver a days' worth of information about wood building systems as a sustainable, cost-effective solution for tackling modern design needs.

Southeast Region Meeting and Collins Pine, California Guild Gathering successes!

The Forest Stewards Guild, our partners at the Duke Forest at Duke University, and Guild members David Schnake and Dave Halley held a regional meeting on the theme of innovative hardwood silviculture in the southern Piedmont, including short-leaf pine management.

Partners and members of Collins Pine Company in California hosted this year's final Guild Gathering on the books. A rich collection of discussion topics allowed attendees to learn new perspectives on multi-age management. Future California Guild Gatherings are desired, and thoughts were shared about how we can assess the effects of climate change through future, replicate treatments.

Thanks for making these gatherings an enjoyable success!

Regeneration of non-stocked forestland in the U.S.

Regeneration of non-stocked forest land in the U.S. could yield substantial environmental and economic benefits

Welcome to Our New Communications Director

Interview with Colleen Robinson


What inspired you to pursue a career in natural resources? If it was an individual, how did he or she inspire you?

Growing Means Changing

On October 1, 2017, Forest Stewards Guild Executive Director Fred Clark will pass the torch to Zander Evans, current Director of Research and Programs at the Guild. Before we turn to the future, we wanted to pause and reflect on the growth and change of this organization under Fred’s leadership.

Guild members gather in Northwest and Lake States

The University of Wisconsin’s Kemp Natural Resources Station sits in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northern Highlands landscape and adjoining the 232,000 acre Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest.  Our Lake States Guild Gathering at “Kemp” on July 21st and 22nd brought foresters and ecologists from throughout the region together to assess 100 years of successes and challenges in managing the pine forests, wetlands, lakes, and ecosystems along with the human communities that dominate this land


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