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Wood Based Construction Seminar was a success

On Wednesday, September 20, the Forest Stewards Guild partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dovetail Partners, and the Wood Products Council to deliver a days' worth of information about wood building systems as a sustainable, cost-effective solution for tackling modern design needs. The day wrapped up with a tour of Promega’s Crossroads, showcasing an innovative mix of glulam and crosslaminated timber. Presentations and details from this seminar will be available on this website in October.

The Forest Steward Guild hosted a policy forum for legislators on Thursday, September 21 at the Wisconsin State Capitol to follow up on this event.

Zander Evans, Guild Executive Director as of October 1, 2017

The Forest Stewards Guild welcomes Zander Evans, Director of Research and Programs as the new Executive Director, as of October 1, 2017.

Zander's work will build on that of the recent Executive Director, Fred Clark. Fred, in turn, is now Senior Forester and remains actively involved with the Guild, particularly in our Lake States programs.

Guild Gatherings Coming to a Forest Near You

Summer is in full swing across the landscape, and the woods are alive with the sounds of Forest Stewards Guild Gatherings. In June, Guild members and friends from multiple cohorts gathered for a two-day field tour of Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the Dartmouth Second College Land Grant in northern New Hampshire.Mark your calendars now for these exciting Guild Gatherings coming to a forest near you!

Putting the Forest First

From Humboldt County, California, to Aroostook County, Maine, we are the stewards for America’s finest forests.

We invite you to join us.

From our beginnings over thirty years ago, the Forest Stewards Guild has recognized that maintaining healthy, productive forests is the best investment we can make in promoting the wellbeing of people and forest communities. Our work includes hands-on forest stewardship, education and training, research, policy advocacy, and promoting professional practice – all based on high ethical standards and our unique mission of “putting the forest first.”